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From passionate hobby to creative company

Headquartered in the Munsterland region Germany but with team members all around Europe we turned our hobby into a company in the year 2016. Our story of success starts in the early 2010s as a team of passionate hobbyists creating content for the Farming Simulator franchise. With many of the players most favourite mods for Farming Simulator in our portfolio throughout the different Farming Simulator titles we developed partnerships with its developer and agricultural companies leading up to the founding of our company and the release of "Straw Harvest" our first official add-on for the Farming Simulator franchise. We are now not only creating well-known b2c add-ons for Farming Simulator and Microsoft Flight Simulator but also b2b services mainly in the farming, construction and mining area. Our highly motivated team is always up to new challenges and out of the box thinking to create the solution you are looking for. Standard renderings or animations don´t meet your expactations and you are looking for something to stand out or conquer new horizons? With our wide range of competencies and agile workflow we are ready for your project.

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Creative Mesh - team