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Emergency Pack

Emergency Pack - Extinguish fires, rescue accident victims, and cats

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Farming Simulator games are known for simulating various aspects of agriculture and livestock farming. Since farming and the activity in a volunteer fire department are very connected in many countries, players became increasingly interested in experiencing this activity in a gamified way.

The Emergency Pack for Farming Simulator 22 offers players the opportunity to enter the role of a firefighter! Extinguishing fires, and rescuing people from car crashes are just two of the various tasks waiting to be successfully completed! With a selection of original vehicles and equipment, players can respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies and save lives. The fire missions, with realistic depictions of fire and smoke, as well as the danger of fire spread, provide an authentic mission experience. Whether playing alone or in multiplayer mode, the Emergency Pack for Farming Simulator 22 is an exciting and challenging mod that will not only appeal to firefighters fans.

Since the release of the beta, a growing community emerges, which increasingly creates its own content for the Emergency Pack, like missions and vehicles.

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